Sponsorship App

Sponsorship is managed via the sponsorship app.

Sponsorship levels and sponsors are added via the Django admin.


Each sponsor level has a name (e.g. “Gold”, “Silver”) and an order field which is an integer that is used to sort levels (lowest first). Each level also has a description which is not currently exposed anywhere but can be used for private annotation.

Each sponsor has a name, external_url (i.e. link to the sponsor’s website), contact_name and contact_email, logo, and level.

A sponsor may also have a private annotation that can be used by organizers to take notes about the sponsor.

A sponsor will not appear on the site until the active flag is set true.

Template Snippets

The easiest way to include sponsor logos, grouped by level, is to either:

{% include "sponsorship/_vertical_by_level.html" %}


{% include "sponsorship/_horizontal_by_level.html" %}

You can get a wall of sponsors (without level designation) with:

{% include "sponsorship/_wall.html" %}

You can always tweak these templates or use them as the basis for your own. This is often all you’ll need to do to display sponsors on your site.

If you want to display a specific sponsor logo you can use:

{% include "sponsorship/_sponsor_link.html" with sponsor=sponsor %}


{% include "sponsorship/_sponsor_link.html" with sponsor=sponsor dimensions="100x100" %}

if you want different dimensions than the default 150 x 150.

Template Tags

If you want to retrieve the sponsors and traverse them yourself, you can use the provided template tags:

{% load sponsorship_tags %}

{% sponsors as all_sponsors %}


{% load sponsorship_tags %}

{% sponsors "Gold" as gold_sponsors %}

if you want to just get a specific level.

You can get the levels with:

{% load sponsorship_tags %}

{% sponsor_levels as levels %}

and you can always iterate over those levels, calling level.sponsors to get the sponsors at that level.